Hannoush Jewelers  – Albany NY

Over the years, the Hannoush family has learned that there is a bond created when an individual buys a piece of our jewelry, and that this bond is based on trust. Each day that we go to work, we are focused on creating jewelry that we can be proud of calling Hannoush Jewelry and that our customers can be proud to give to their loved ones on their most special occasions. It is the Hannoush pride in craftsmanship and our commitment to excellence that has enabled Hannoush Jewelers to commit to its mission of being a family business you can trust.

Thank you for your interest in Hannoush Jewelers and in the Hannoush family.

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Latest Timepiece! Baume & Mercier


Baume & Mercier  always strives to make an imprint on its times. The founders, brothers Louis-Victor and Célestin Baume, loyal to their motto “Accept only perfection; only manufacture watches of the highest quality,” set out a very precise definition of the watches to be produced by this firm, established in 1830 and now one of the oldest in Switzerland.


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